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Why we love our work:
Every day is different at MillRace. Our clients present new challenges for us, and we enjoy working together to create a product that makes everyone look good.
----Kathryn D'Amanda, president and creative director Read bio…

We're pleased with this collaboration:
We've had great fun over the years creating Spirit, Midtown Athletic Club's member magazine. When Rochester's Club Manager was retiring at the end of 2018, we created a tongue-in-cheek cover commemorating the longtime working relationship between Bob McKernan and the Club's General Manager, Glenn William. Kudos to photographer Walter Colley and photo-editor Maria Spinelli. Current magazines may be viewed at: midtown.com/blog

What inspires us:
Rochester is brimming with culture: art, dance, education, music festivals, film, and we draw inspiration from it all. And, we want to share a few of these opportunities and events here with you.

Nearly three years after a terrific team was assembled, including noted historical writer Elizabeth Brayer, award-winning photographer Andy Olenick, project manager Suzanne Welch, producer Betty Strasenburgh, and Kathryn D'Amanda from MillRace as designer, the vibrant book The Eastman Theatre: Fulfilling George Eastman's Dream was born. Each page was designed thoughtfully, respecting both the theater's rich history and the exciting restoration and construction of a new wing. All proceeds will benefit the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra.

Challenges are good for you:
Recently, we enlisted Managed Services Team to upgrade our computer systems and provide ongoing help-desk support. At every step, they have been efficient, knowledgeable, friendly, and well-I think they are magicians...they not only solve immediate crises, but offer new ideas and advice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their technological life easier. And we hope our investment will help us better serve our clients. Check out their capabilities at go-mst.com.